Gladiacoin – A Scam to Watch Out For

Have you ever come across a pyramid scheme? being promised a lot only to receive nothing. Well, if you haven’t, I have ever invested in one and my money went with the wind. The deal was so good to resist but I did not see the red flag warning me not to.

As an investor, I know you are keen on where you invest your money right? You don’t want to invest in a venture or a company only to wake up and find your money gone and there is no way you can trace it. it can be discouraging and morale breaking for you.



People are investing in the crypto world. Digital money is known as the money of tomorrow. In future, we might see a moneyless transaction where we have a universal currency that does not know any border and any government policy. Sounds good right?

That is why many investors are taking the time to know about the cryptocurrency. It involves a lot and one needs to educate him or her self before investing in the coin. I know you are wondering what you must know about the currency right?

Well, there is a lot. You need to know what it entails in a coin. When you invest your hard-earned money, what will you get in return? that is the first thing you need to consider since no business person want to invest in a venture that does not have any return

The second thing you should learn is how to acquire the coin. For you to use a coin, you must own it first. That means you must have designated places where you will be able to get the coin. Digital currency is found on the internet, you need to know where to find the coin and at what cost.

You also need to know where you will keep the coin. After acquiring the coin, just like having a bank account where you keep your fait money, you need to have a place where you will keep your digital cash for future use. that is a wallet. You need to know the various types and how to use them.

Once you have known above basics, its time to choose for the currency that suits your needs. To be frank there is the bitcoin that you know and there is another altcoin that you might not have come across. Bitcoin is the gold of them all and the others are meant to compliment it.

When you talk about the altcoin, they are meant to be used as the bitcoin and rectify the hiccups that may have been found in the bitcoin. with, you need to know what altcoin is applicable and the ones that are not. Why is that so?

Altcoin is made by innovators in the name of having their own share of the fame and cake that comes with the cryptocurrency. That means they can do and come up with anything just to convince people of how they can gain with the currency. How do you know they are good?

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It is hard to know a genuine altcoin and a scam. That is because most of them are in the developing stage and claimed to be an alternative to the bitcoin. there are a few things you can look at for you to know whether what you are getting is genuine or not when it comes to the digital coin

They include;

  • What are they offering?

Like mentioned earlier, before you invest in a coin, you must be able to know what you are getting in return. Is it realistic and real? Like in the case of the bitcoin, you will be able to go to the exchange market and purchase the bitcoin and keep them in your wallet.

Any altcoin promising a service that depends on the people to determine what they will offer is not genuine. You need to watch out for companies which are neither offering goods nor services to its members

  • Too good to be true

When you are dealing with any kind of currency he expectations and what you get should be realistic. There is no hype in the information given what you are told is what you will get. If you are told a lot with little action, you need to run for your money.

  • Little known about the company

When you want to know about whether something is a scam or not, you go for the initial founders. What do you know about the company? who is the brain behind the coin? The genuine coin always has a working website and active founders who are ready to help whenever necessary.

Now that you have the basics of how you smell a scam, there is some suspicious coins coin in terms of services that have serviced and are bringing confusion among investors. One of such a coin service is the gladiacoin. Read along and learn more about what it entails.

What is gladiacoin?

According to their site, they are a bitcoin trading services company that promises you to give you financial freedom at the comfort of your sofa. That will be made possible through the magic of the bitcoin trading. So, what do they do and what do they require from you?

according to their website, they promise you to double the bitcoin that you initially invested with them within 90 days after you invest with them. The doubling will happen using the power of the binary network. According to their website, you will get the following benefits once you invest with them;

  • double your coin

this is to entice people into joining them. You need to register with them with a certain amount of bitcoin then you need to wait for the 90 days for you to start seeing your return in what you invested. Does it happen? not if I have ever heard of.

  • Reward you with bitcoin earning every day
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According to them, once you invest your bitcoin into their company, you will start earning a certain amount of bitcoin every day without doing anything. The daily payment is automated and will be deposited into your wallet every single day.

  • No tedious work

That is what they promise, you will not have t hustle up and down for you to be rewarded with more bitcoin. all you will have to do is to invest in them and lay on the sofa and you will start enjoying your return in investment. Too good to be true right?

  • 5% to 15% commission

You will be able to make that amount of commission once you are able to bring more people into investing with hem. That seems to their way of making money and they concentrate a lot on the point of recruiting people.

The above is what they promise to offer according to them. In real life, the following is how they work to earn from bitcoin owners

How does gladiacoin work

Up to now, if you are reading through I know you have noticed some questionable moves when it comes to the gladiacoin right? well, for you to understand their intention, you must know how they work, continue reading along.

Once you are convinced and you are ready to invest, you are told to pay a one-time fee of 0.05 bitcoin wit them. That is one way of how they make money from the bitcoin owners. Once you deposit with them, you are now encouraged to recruit more friends for you to earn more

The second way they earn money is by you referring people to enter the scheme. With the many people they join, the more the bitcoin they will collect and the more they claim to give you in commission away from the 0.10 bitcoin they promise you after every 90 days

Now, what bitcoin owners don’t know is that what they are being told to contribute as the registration fee, it is being used as the bitcoin to trade in the stock market. They have a way of knowing which market the bitcoin is selling at a lower price and which is buying better.

They promise to share with you the profit that they make, what you don’t know is that they make it difficult for you to gain the profit. In the end, you will end up with no bitcoin in your wallet and no reward at all.

So, how do you know it is a scam?

When you look at the company and what they have to offer, that is the first alarm that raises questions. They don’t offer any goods or services to their customers. They claim to be a marketing company yet they depend on their customer recruitment to make money.

They don’t have a physical location. Try to read more about the founders and the people behind the company. You will find no information regarding that. That means that the people behind the company don’t want to be known they are the one responsible in case of any complaints.

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They also ask for registration fee before you join them. Anywhere you are asked for a fee in terms of money for you to join an investment, that probably is a scam, how can they ask for bitcoin as registration then claim to reward you with the same after 90 days?

They have a lot of too good to be true information that raises questions. They claim to be your financial freedom yet you don’t have to do anything. Which business does that? to earn your money and there is nothing you must do except to register and recruit your friends.

According to their website, there is a lot of things they claim you will benefit with them. What they don’t tell you is how they are going to benefit from all that. An investment opportunity is all about openness and should apply on both ends, right?

All the above raises a lot of questions that need answers. Unfortunately, there is nobody to air your issues too because the innovators are nowhere to be found and they don’t have an official website where people who have registered with them can communicate with them.

Way forward?

For you to invest and feel safe about your investment, you must be able to locate a scam when you see one. That will protect you from any money loss and stress that comes with a bad investment decision. That is why you need to research wide and know more.

If you have fallen for the trick, chances are your money is already lost. What you need to do is be careful next time and if possible, try to know the way to get your bitcoin back. Bitcoin is expensive and you need to be careful where you put it next time.

Bitcoin scammers

Bitcoin has been a rare and expensive coin to own. Every investor is looking for a way to own the currency. That included using the legal or illegal way. whichever way people are choosing to gain the coin, you need to be on the lookout.

The legal way includes going to the stock exchange market and buying the bitcoin or accepting it as a mode of payment for goods or services. The illegal way includes the way the gladiacoin is doing. Conning bitcoin owners into using their coin to invest into dubious deals.

As an investor, you have worked hard for your bitcoin, the way you trade with it, keep it and the way you keep it secure determines whether it will be of benefit to you or you will end up making a greater loss, you need to be on the lookout.

For you to invest your bitcoin, you need to make sure you have all the information regarding the company and the business deal. With the above information, you will be able to know whether gladiacoin is a scam or not.

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