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All around the world, there are various medications that one can use to cure the illness one is suffering from. Many researchers have done experiments on various ingredients to make sure they come up with a solution to almost all the diseases.

When you are sick, you want something to ease the pain that you are feeling right? Well, that is a case that happens to everyone that is not feeling well. whether legal or legal, you will move up and down to make sure you find the medication that you want.

POT Coin

POT Coin

Do you know that the potherb is a medicine? I know when the work cannabis is mentioned, the only thing that comes to your mind is getting high right? that is why it is burned from use in so many countries. But did you know there is medicine made of the herb?

We are talking about cannabis medication. It is controversial since marijuana is banned for use in many countries and states and when you talk about the herb being medicinal, it becomes more controversial right?

Damian Marley, a popular reggae musician wrote a song about the medication. In the song, he talks about the way the medication makes you high but at the same time treat you from the illness that you are suffering from and that brings out the question, why is it illegal.

In many counties, cannabis has been used as a and has led to the deterioration of many people’s health. It is burned because it has so many side effects that make one’s health worse than the way it was before use. so, what about the medicinal part?

When it comes to being used as a medicine, it is used in controlled measures. That is because research shows that in controlled quantities, the cannabis herb can be used to cure diseases such as cancer certain stroke and other mental illness.

What is a challenge for the patients that are using the drug is where and how to get it. that is because like mentioned earlier, there are so many countries and states that have a ban on the use of the herb, that is why the crypto technology comes in.

What is Pot coin?

In the few states and countries where the use of cannabis is legalized, there are shops and outlets where you can get the herb, you need money to get the herb right? that is why the POT coin was launched, to reduce the stress of being victimized every time you want to buy the herb.

Pot coin is the first digital currency created in the aim of helping the transactions within the legalized cannabis distributors. This comes as a relief to many users who do not want to be known of how often and how much they spend on the herb.

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When it comes to the coin, the community have a hand in the way things are done here. they control the way the coin is trading and decide on the changes that might happen to the coin, the amazing thing about all this is that it is happening in a decentralized way and very secretive.

If you are prescribed to use cannabis as a form of medication, getting the coin will help you with the information on how you can buy the pot, where you can buy it and the pot coin will be accepted to the outlets that you go for the herb. Where did the pot coin idea come from?

Origin of the Pot coin

The idea was launched on January 21, 2014, at exactly 4:20 am. This is all thanks to three guys by the nickname Hasoshi, Mr Jones and smokemon from Montreal, Quebec Canada. I know you are asking why 4;20. There is a special connection between the time and pot users.

When it was first launched, it received positive reactions from the public and within a week, a crypto exchange called crypto rush was launched to allow the trading of the pot coin with the bitcoin. that marked the beginning of a wonderful journey for the coin.

In February and March of that year, the pot coin started gaining so much media coverage. More and more people wanted to know more about the coin and through the media, awareness was created. That saw the coin being sold at a very high rate since many people use pot as medicine.

Due to the awareness, star medical, suppliers of cannabis food started to accept the coin as a mode of payment at their outlets. That saw a positive reaction to the pot community and saw their sales increased due to the secretive way of transaction.

After hiding for long, the developers of the coin saw no need in hiding no more. That is because the coin was being accepted widely. They revealed their identity on April 9, 2014, during a conference. In may 27 the same year, there was a launch of the first pot coin ATM to ease the access of the coin.

Since the launch of the coin, it has been doing well in terms of trade and acceptance. More and more people are using the coin and many medical cannabis outlets have been accepting the coin as a mod of payment into their outlets.

How does the pot coin work?

Just like any other cryptocurrency, it is meant to be transferred from one person to the next. There is no bank or any financial institution involved due to the legal complications surrounding the use of the legal pot. So, how are the transactions?

First, the transaction fee is very low. That is because there are no middlemen involved in the trading. When you want the legal herb, all you must do is go to your wallet and transfer the coin to the seller directly and after that, the cannabis is sold to you.

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The transaction is easier like sending an email. That means you can send the coin to any location in any country without restrictions or government bans. That happens because of the thousands of computers using a highly secured encryption.

When it comes to the transparency of the transactions, the blockchain is an open source network free for any coin owner to join and review the codes. That is why they say the coin involves the whole community that owns the coin. That built trust within the owners.

Pot coin wallet

Just like you need a bank account to keep your fait cash, you also need a digital wallet to keep your pot coin. When you have a wallet, it facilitates easy transaction when you are buying or selling any product using the pot coin. Is there a wallet for the pot coin?

Yes, due to the way the coin has been trading, It is obvious there are available wallets that you can download so that you can secure your coin. Just like any other coin, you should make sure the wallet you are downloading is secure and good for use.

There are pot coin wallets available in their website that you can download and use. There are other wallets also available for android, windows and soon to come IOS.  All you must do is download and fill in your details as instructed and start trading the pot coin.

Where to buy and sell pot coin

It is the intention of every coin owner to buy more coins or to sell to other potential buyers. For you to be able to sell or buy the coin, you must look for a reliable crypto exchange that will offer what you want at affordable prices.

It is good to note that where you trade your coin depends on whether the coin is acceptable at the platform. The good thing about the pot coin is that it has gained popularity and is already acceptable for trade in the following digital exchange markets;

  • Pot wallet.
  • Changelly.
  • Polonier.
  • Pot coin trade.
  • Bittex.
  • Coin payment.

Advantages of pot coin

  • Popular

The coin is new in the market and already many people across borders are using it. that is because of the awareness created on the media platforms and for the fact that it has widely gained acceptance. With that, people have confidence in trading the coin.

  • Low transaction cost

For every coin holder, it is a relief to know that the coin you have can be transacted at a lower fee. That means you can be able to do business without the worry of the math to know how much you are losing during the transaction in the name of a fee. With pot coin, the transaction fee is low.

  • Friendly platform

Like the founder says, the platform is the user-friendly and open source. That means every member in the pot community is open to trade and know what is happening to the coin. That has build transparency and trust among the founders and the coin owners.

  • No restriction
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Since the coin is widely accepted and is transacted in an anonymous way, there is no restriction to where or who should own the coin. Also, when it comes to trading the coin, you can trade from whichever country that you are without the fear of the legal restrictions.

  • Widely accepted

The coin was made and launched in the aim of using it to purchase the legalized cannabis. It is such a relief to know that the stores that are legalized to sell the herb are widely accepting the coin as a mode of payment. That has made the coin mission to be accomplished.

Disadvantages of pot coin

  • Legal issues

With the way the herb has been controversial in many countries, many people have been holding back when it comes to owning the coin. That is because they fear what action the government might take in future when it comes to trading the coin.

What you should know about the Pot coin

Finally, after you have enlightened yourself all you need to know about the pot coin, you need to clear doubts and certain information that might be said about the coin that is true or not true. here is what you should know when it comes to the Pot coin

  • Pot coin is legal

Yes, owning the coin and trading it is completely legal. It is a cryptocurrency just like any other digital currency meant to facilitate the trade of legal cannabis among the users. There is nothing illegal about using the coin to purchase the herb at legalized places.

  • Volatile

Just like any other cryptocurrency, the coin is subject to changes in the market. That means in the exchange, it is bound to rise or fall in terms of value. As a coin holder, it is up to you to observe the market and know when is best to trade the coin.

  • Present in the social media platforms

The community has its presence in many social media platforms. When it comes to Facebook, Twitter and their subreddit on the media platform, they create awareness by informing people on the coin. With this, more and more people have known and started to use the coin.

  • Boost marijuana dispensing

Yes, a weight he introduction of the coin, people are not afraid of buying the potherb. This is thanks to the secret transactions that take between the buyer and the seller. With the pot coin transaction, there is no exposure to what took place and this has seen the sales going high.

In the cryptocurrency world, nothing is certain. It is a new way of making business happen and the digital money is meant to make the transaction easier, cheaper and more private. That is why many coins are being developed and launched.

With the pot coin, legal cannabis can be purchased without the fear of victimization. You can trade at a low transaction fee and get what you want from wherever you are. Thanks to the coin, you can now ease your pain with no legal fears.

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