Sweatcoin, What an Amazing way of Being Rewarded

Have you ever made goals and achieved them? If yes, you are lucky. If n, we are sailing I the same boat. Five years ago, during the new year eve, I made my new year resolution, to lose weight. I wanted to shed off some pounds that I had gained during m pregnancy.

Being a mum of 4 and a stay at home mum is not an easy task. You are up and down running your family errands that at times you forget about taking care of yourself. It was time for me to take care of my health and look by making sure I am lighter and healthier. So, what did I do?



I remember sitting down with my husband and discussed with him about what I wanted to achieve by the end of that year and he thought it was a good idea. I told him about my plan and he said he will support me by staying with the kids while I implement my plan.

My first plan was to walk our family dog, yes, her name is Maria and just like me, she has been lazing around the house and she too needed some exercises. My plan was to walk her every morning for 45 to 1 hour and in the process, I will get to have a morning walk exercise.

My second plan was to join a local working out community club. The group is made up of people like me who have the same goal of losing weight by and staying in shape. They were a great motivation since they were there to encourage me whenever I felt like giving up.

Well, all did not go as well as I expected. I came to realize the reason Maria was lazing around was that she was pregnant and she gave birth. I had to let her rest and nurse the 5 beautiful puppies that she gave birth to.

I know you are wondering what happened to the club which was a great support system. There was a miss rose that was young, attractive and single. Every man in the group wanted to take her out and out of that, a fight broke and the club dissolved. I was left alone in the club.

Well, did I lose weight? Yes, but I did not get to lose weight the way wanted. That is because I lacked the motivation to continue exercising every day. I ended up with shuttered goals even before the year was half way.

Losing weight should be every person’s dream. it is though losing weight that you get to keep all the illness that comes with obesity. That is why I was excited and full of relief when I had about the sweatcoin. Well, read along and see why it thrilled me.

What is sweat coin?

When you are trying to lose weight, chances are you will have a daily routine of working out to achieve that. Being humans that we are, we tend to get bored by a day in day out routine and at times, it can lead to you not wanting the routine.

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There are so many ways you can motivate yourself into working out. You can walk your dog like I did with Maria, have a support group or listen to your favourite music as you work out. Did you know there is even a greater way of motivating you into working out?

Yes, that is where sweat coin comes in. It is a brilliant way of rewarding you for working out. You get to be awarded digital currency every time you get off the couch and work out, isn’t that great? I thought so too.

Sweatcoin is an application that is made in a way that once you sign in, the app tracks the steps you make and, in the process, you get to earn coins that you can later redeem for amazing products on Amazon. Now you don’t have to have an excuse to why you do not work out.

The origin of sweatcoin

I know you are curious like I was to know the brain behind this great idea. The cryptocurrency world has been evolving and with many digital currencies being discovered every day, people have been looking for ways on how they can be used to people from all over.

That is what in the year 2015-2016 Russian entrepreneurs living in England Oleg Fomenko, Anton Derlyatka, Dnil Perushev and Egor Khmelev came up with this app to motivate people into working out every single day.

With the app, they new people will be motivated into working out due to the reward that comes with it. with time, the app became popular and more and more people got to download and use the app. It has since been accepted and is being used by people all over.

With people being excited about the digital currency reward, it has grown to have over 2 million users on a weekly basis. It has also been ranked as one of the most downloaded work out the app and second best when it comes to free work out app. That shows how popular it has become.

How the sweatcoin app works

Like mentioned earlier, it is meant to reward you when you make steps outdoors during your work out sessions. First. You need to download the app into your device. It is available on smartphones and wearables like apple watches. You can also find them in iPhone and Android 4.4 or newer.

Once you have downloaded the app into your device, you need to sign in with your details. Once you are done with signing up, you need to keep the app running at all time. It will track and record all the steps you make outdoors and in return, it will reward you.

I know you are wondering how much you I get right? once your steps are tracked and recorded, you get to earn 0.95 sweatcoin for every 1000 steps you make. With this, you get to lose weight and get amazing gifts that come with redeeming the coins.

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where to redeem your sweat coins

I know by now you have the app on your phone. If you are eager to lose weight like I was or you want to maintain the weight that you have, you got to have the app to motivate you and reward you. once you have accumulated enough coins that are redeemable, you will have options.

On the app, you have the option of checking out the number of coins you have and for what you can redeem them for. Once you get the offer that you want most on the Amazon, you can go ahead and redeem your sweat coins of the offered gift.

With the sweatcoins, you can get offers related to fitness like fitness gears, training videos to training equipment. All this at the aim of making you work out more. There are a few incidences where you get cash offers on Amazon through PayPal thought they occur on rare occasions.

It is advisable though to accumulate your sweatcoins. That is because the more sweatcoins you have, the better the offer that you will get when it comes to being gifted on Amazon. You can also keep some coin for future speculations.

How and where to sell the sweat coin.

The sweatcoin gets even better with the offer that you can sell your coin. Yes, with so much talk about the coin, it is good to know how and where you can sell your coin to have some fait cash. Once you have enough sweatcoin, you are free to sell some for some $.

For you to do that, you need to look for a willing seller. The unfortunate thing about you selling the coin is that you have little say when it comes to the price of the coin. That is because the price of the coin is constantly fluctuating and there is no specific price set for the sweatcoin.

That should not discourage you from selling your coin. If you have enough, you can sell them at between $ 0.02-0.03 per sweatcoin. That means if you are active for a whole week. You can be able to make up to $ 10 in a week for just making steps.

It’s unfortunate that the coin has not yet started to trade on the exchange market. That is because the digital coin is still young and people are still getting used to the idea of being rewarded while working out with a cryptocurrency.

Advantages of sweatcoin

  • Motivates

If I had this app when I was setting my goals, I am sure I could have achieved the weight goal that I had set. That is because the app could have motivated me into working out every day. With the sweatcoin, I could have redeemed more fitness gears and my weight goals could not have collapsed.

  • Creates awareness

With the emergence of so many cryptocurrencies, it is important to have different platforms rewarding people with the digital currency so that they can understand the currency. With the app, many people are being introduced into the crypto world and they are learning a lot.

  • You get to lose weight
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In the process of getting off the couch and trying to earn am money coins as you can in a day, you get to shed off that weight that you have been longing to lose. In the process, you get to gain a lot from an app. You get to lose weight, earn digital coin and amazing gifts once you redeem the coin.

Disadvantages of sweatcoin

  • Only for outdoors

There have been a lot of talks about this. That is because the app seems to work only when you walk out and make steps outdoors. That can be a limitation for people who do their work out indoors or tend to make a lot of steps while indoor.

  • Limited

There are limits to the number of coins you can earn in a specific day. That means no matter how active you are in a day, you can only earn a specific amount of sweatcoin in a day. That limits the most active people as they don’t earn the coins equivalent to their steps.

Another limit is the type of working out recorded. The app only records the number of steps you make in a day. If you do your work out by cycling or swimming then there will be no coins for you. That is a disadvantage for different types of work out lovers.

The future of sweatcoin

Just like other digital coins, it is an investment worth watching keenly. As the founders say, they are seeing a brighter future for the sweatcoin. They want its popularity to grow all over the globe and for more and more people to get to know the application.

In future, the coin is set to trade in the exchange market and there is speculation that when that time comes, the price will shoot and for those who will have accumulated the sweatcoin, it will be their time to harvest their return on working out.

For you who have the app, you have the option of accumulating the coin. Work out and make sure you keep as many coins as you can so when the time comes, you will be smiling on your way to the bank with a fit body.

The cryptocurrency is the future of doing business. With the many digital currencies emerging. We need to embrace them and learn how they work so that we can reap what they will have to offer in the future.

Now that I have told you about my work out sweatcoin application, I am set to achieve my weight goals. I don’t have to beg my club mate to reunite the group or exhaust Mariah into joining me for a walk. With the app, I have all the motivation I need. The rewards are worth the effort I will put in losing weight.

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