Vertcoin Review

Whenever you here about cryptocurrency, as an investor your head turns, right? well, it’s because of the mixed reactions that have been all over about the currencies. Whether good or bad as an investor, you must look for a way that you can make the best every coin.

For you to inform yourself about the different currencies surfacing, you must research and gather what will help know about a particular digital currency, well if you are reading this, you need to stay put and continue reading along as I Inform you about the currency that is here with a bang.



You probably know a lot about Bitcoin, leticoin and any other digital currency that is trending on the internet. As an investor, I know you are looking for the good thing in the coin that would make you invest in, right? well, you need to have a look at vertcoin.

What is Vertcoin?

With all the information that is surfacing, you might not have heard about the coin. That is because the coin has been silent until this past few months. Little is known about the coin but with the way it has been trending, you need to know and understand more.

Vertcoin is termed as a decentralized currency that is owned by its users. Yes, once you become one of them by mining or owning, you become the owner of the coin. That is because the coin is run entirely by donations making it the best to know about.

The coin has been around since 2014 but very little is known about the coin. That is because it is it has been silently developing into what it is now. Popularity started to grow when the coin started to rise in value and many traders started to trade it.

Vertcoin is similar to the other cryptocurrencies especially the bitcoin and the leticoin, the only difference there is the mining process. The vertcoin is made in a way that it is meant to keep ASCI away from the mining process, what does that mean?

What that means is that it opens doors for anyone to mine the coin. Yes, with a good pc, you can mine the coin at the comfort of your house and earn your share of the profit. In the other digital currencies, the ASCI has made it difficult for an ordinary miner to mine the coins.

The coin has been performing well in the market and as an investor, you need to know more of the coin because according to the market, this is the time to invest in the coin and in order for you to do that, you need to read along to know more.

Origin of vertcoin

Like mentioned earlier, the coin has been around for a while. They have been keen on making changes and developments that have made the coin better and more competitive. Vertcoin was launched in January the year 2014. Thanks to the brilliant idea of some developers.

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The coin has been termed as a silent coin. That is because it has been trading in silence until all over sudden with a bang the value went high to $ 5. That was good news for investors though it did not last for long. The prices dropped drastically.

The prices continue to go low and stayed that way until the year 2017 when it began to rise in a steady way. that is thanks to the community members who have been actively creating awareness to the social media and other platforms to makes sure more people know about the coin.

The price of the coin has been doing well in the market. With a raise to fromĀ  $ 1.6 to $ 8.09 saw a positive feedback from investors with many rushing to invest in the currency. The price later went up to $8.15 in December 2017

Over the years, Vert coin has been improving. With so many improvement changes taking place, the coin has proven to be a promising coin worth investing in. If you are an investor and you are ready to invest, this is the time to own the coin and trade.

Vertcoin features

There must be something unique in the coin, right? yes, with all the positive reviews surfacing, the coin must have some unique features that make it stand out from the rest. Read along and know what you will get with the coin unique from the rest of the currencies.

  • Mining

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrency, you must make sure you get the bets from the currency, that is where mining comes in. mining is profitable and any investor who invests in mining a certain coin is set to get a good return on investment.

The bad thing about mining other currency is that it can be a costly affair. You need to invest a lot of time, capital and also a lot of your power in terms of electricity to make sure you get a good return. That scares away any potential investor willing to mine.

When it comes to mining vertcoin, you will never go wrong. That is because they have to make sure they remove all the unnecessary hindrances that would make mining impossible. This includes the removal of the ASCI from mining. What does that mean?

That means you can mine your coin at the comfort of your house with the use of your normal CPU. Convenient right? the use of consumer level CPU has made it easier for you as an investor to go further and enjoy the benefit of mining the vertcoin.

The developers have come up with a system where they divide miners depending on the hash rate that you use. this is in the aim of ensuring that miners who mine at the same level are in the same group and enjoy the same pool without competition.

  • About the witnesses
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Another thing that has made investors be willing to invest in the coin is the quick rate of approval. Unlike the bitcoin where it takes 10 minutes for a transaction to be approved, with the vertcoin, it only takes 2.5 minutes for a transaction to be approved.

That s all thanks to the activated segwit which was activated in May 1017. With the system, large transactions can be approved in a day. That has made vertcoin to expand in popularity an operation due to the quick way of how things are done when it comes to trading the coin.

  • Network

For the transaction of a coin to take place effectively, the network must work without any hitches and without any interruptions. When it comes to the Vert coin network, instant blockchain transactions are allowed in the network thanks to the light network.

With the light network, things go in a smooth way without any chances of fraud and hindrances. That is why many transactions are approved within a short time. With such convenience, it will be easier for you to transact at ease and more efficiently.

  • Stealth address

This has been a development that is under improvement. It was made and meant to make transactions more secure and free from fraudsters. The research was made and they saw the need to do more changes on the address to make sure it will work more efficiently in the future.

  • 1-Click Vert coin miners

This is another amazing technology that is made possible for miners mining the vertcoin. This is a software that you download in your mining pc and allows you to set all parameters and allow mining to take place while still doing other things in your pc.

With this technology, a miner is able to multitask. You set your pc and after all the parameters are set into place. Mining will take place and stop without the miner being there physically to control the process, quite impressive right?

  • Atomic cross chain

This is an initiative that is still in the development stage. Once it is finalized, it will allow traders to transact with other blockchains in a decentralized manner. The transactions will be private so trading Vert coin with other cryptocurrencies will be made easier.

How is mining vertcoin works

It is simple and easy with 1-click mine. This is an app that was developed to help vertcoin miners when it comes to mining and doing other things. with the app, you will be able to mine from your pc and still be able to do other things.

First, you need to download the miner from vertcoin Git site and once downloading is complete, the app is automatically installed. The good thing about the app is that it comes with a complete user guide and all you have to do is follow the guide to set the parameters.

With the app, you are given a choice to choose from Amd, Nvidia and CPU for your mining hash rate provider. You need to make sure you choose the one that is compatible with the pc that you are using for more efficiency in your mining

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Once all the parameters are set, you need to click on a button that will show you all the mining pools available and you can go ahead and start mining. When it comes to Vert coin mining, uses a pc is profitable, unlike other digital currency where it is an expensive affair.

Where to Buy and Sell the Coin

For you to be able to invest in the Vert coin, you must be able to buy and sell the coin. Once you have decided to get the coin, where do you get it from? and if you have the coin, where do you trade it? here is a list of trusted places where you can trade the vertcoin;

I south xchange.
Person to person through local Vert coin.

Vertcoin wallets

Once you have any cryptocurrency, you need a safe place where you can store it for future trading. Having a wallet with you is convenient for you since this is where your digital currency will be sent. With vertcoin, you will have a number of wallets where you can keep your coins.

When following are a list of wallets in which you can download the whole blockchain and safely keep your vertcoin;

  • Software available for Windows, Mac, OS, X and Linus.
  • Source code available on
  • Electrum`s wallet.
  • You can find a paper wallet at

Advantages of investing in vertcoin

  • Fast

As an investor, your time is your money. You need to engage yourself in transactions that not only will give you return but will save you time as well. Vertcoin is there to make sure your transactions are approved in a fast way through the lighting network

  • Easy to mine

If you are intending to invest in Vert coin through mining the currency, then things will be easier for you. they have made sure that they remove all unnecessary hindrances that will male mining impossible making mining easier and more profitable.

  • Unique features

The specs that make the coin unique from other coins are the unique features that have been developed and added to the coin to make it more efficient and likeable to the investors. With the extra features, it makes the coin more efficient to transact and trade.

Disadvantages of the vertcoin

  • Less popular

With all the good things that have to be said about the coin, it remains less popular and is ranked below the 150 digital currencies available. With that said, people are cautious when it comes to investing in the coin no matter how promising it is.

With the way vercoin has been developing and changing, it is clear that the future of the coin is bright. With the changes taking place to the coin to make it better, it is clear that now is the time to own and hold the coin. The value has been raising and it will soon shock the world in a good way.

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